1st CYSTINET International Conference

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Palace Hotel Belgrade,
Toplicin Venac 23, Belgrade, Serbia



If you wish to attend the WG/MC meeting, please reply to your e-COST invitation email 
If you wish to attend the conference, register on www.cystinetconference.org

Call for abstracts on www.cystinetconference.org

Registration deadline: September 30, 2015
Call for abstracts deadline: October 10, 2015

2 November WG/MC Meeting

Pre-Conference (for CYSTINET members only):

09:00-15:30: 2nd Working Group Meeting (plenary session): 6th floor “Beogradska panorama” conference hall

16:00-18:00: 2nd Management Committee Meeting: 1st floor banquet hall

3-4 November 1st CYSTINET International Conference: 

“Taeniasis and cysticercosis: A one health challenge”


02 November 2015

18:00: Registration & Welcome drink: 6th floor “Beogradska panorama” conference hall

03 November 2015

08:30-09:30 Registration

09:30 Welcome

09:50 Session 1: EPIDEMIOLOGY (WG1)

WG1 presentation: B. Devleesschauwer and A. Allepuz
Invited speakerJ. Conlan, Food standards Australia New Zealand

10:40 Coffee break

11:00-12:30 Abstract presentations

  • 11:00  Taenia hydatigena in pigs: a systematic review and results from a cross sectional abattoir study in Burkina Faso. Dorny, B. Ouedraogo, Nguyen Thi Thuy Man , R. Ganaba, V. Dermauw, H. Carabin, S. Gabriël
  • 11:15   Factors influencing transmission of porcine cysticercosis in Tanzania. Ch. Braae, W. Harrison, P. Magnussen, F. Lekule, M. Vang Johansen
  • 11:30   Geospatial and age-related patterns of Taenia solium taeniasis in the rural health zone of Kimpese, Democratic Republic of Congo. Madinga, K. Kanobana, Ph. Lukanu, E. Abatih, S. Baloji, S. Linsuke, N. Praet, S. Kapinga, K. Polman, P. Lutumba, N. Speybroeck, P. Dorny, W. Harrison, S. Gabriel
  • 11:45   Age-related patterns of polyparasitism with Taenia solium, schistosomes and soil-transmitted helminths in a co-endemic village of Democratic Republic of Congo. Madinga, K.Polman, K. Kanobana, L. van Lieshout, E. Brienen, N. Praet, C. Kabwe, S. Gabriël, P. Dorny, P. Lutumba, N. Speybroeck
  • 12:00   Epidemiological study in T. solium and T. saginata larvae infestation in pigs and cattle from Romania. A-M. Oleleu, C. Gherman, A. Cozma, I. Oleleu, V. Cozma
  • 12:15   Epidemiology, impact and control of bovine cysticercosis in Europe: a systematic review. M.Laranjo-González 1, B. Devleesschauwer, S. Gabriël, P. Dorny, A. Allepuz

12:30-13:30 Lunch: Ground floor restaurant

13:30 Session 2: DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS (WG2)

WG2 presentation-diagnostics part: T. Garate and P. Dorny
Invited speaker: S. O’Neal, Oregon Health & Science University, USA

14:20-15:05 Abstract presentations

  • 14:20   Sensitivity of partial carcass dissection for assessment of porcine cysticercosis at necropsy. M.W. Lightowlers, E. Assana, C. Jayashi, C.G. Gauci, M. Donadeu
  • 14:35   Molecular diagnosis of Taeniasis/Cysticercosis complex: Analytical sensitivity of real  time PCR based on HDP2 and Ptsol9 repetitive sequences. M.Flores-Chavez, C. Domínguez-Hidalgo, Y.Monje, G.Molini, S. Martinez, T. Garate
  • 14:50   Improving LAMP assays for molecular detection of Taenia species. Megido, T. Gárate, A. Muro, M. Flores-Chavez, M.J. Perteguer, J. López-Abán, P. Fernández-Soto

15:05-15:25 Coffee break

15:25-17:30 Session 3: CONTROL (WG3)

WG3 presentation: M.V. Johansen and E. Papadopoulos
Invited speaker:   WHO, Water Sanitation Hygiene and Health

16:15-17:00 Abstract presentations

  • 16:15   CystiSim – an agent-based model for Taenia solium transmission and control. U.Ch. Braae , B. Devleesschauwer, S. Gabriël, P. Dorny, N. Speybroeck , P. Magnussen, M.                                 Vang Johansen
  • 16:30   Effect of repeated mass drug administration with praziquantel and track and treat of taeniosis cases on the prevalence of taeniosis in Taenia solium endemic rural communities of Tanzania. U.Ch. Braae, P. Magnussen, B. Ndawi, W. Harrison, F. Lekule, M. Vang Johansen
  • 16:45   Starting new strategies of investigation on cysticercosis: systematic review of Taeniasis/cysticercosis and perspectives in Cote d’Ivoire. A.T. Offianan, E. Koffi, O. M Boka, D. Cisse, A. Meite, K.E. Angora, M.K. Soumahoro, B. Assi, J. Djaman, R. Jambou

17:00-17:30     Galvmed presentation

Update on treatment and vaccination of porcine cysticercosis. A. Colston

17:30-18:30 Poster session (viewing & discussion)

  • Rare case of taeniasis in the Istrian region.  Lazarić Stefanović
  • The societal cost of Taenia solium cysticercosis in Tanzania. Trevisan, B. Devleesschauwer, V. Schmidt, A.S. Winkler, W. Harrison, M. Vang Johansen
  • Biosecurity on pig farms.  Bojkovski
  • Introducing a new inter-disciplinary network on Taenia solium cysticercosis and taeniosis research in sub-Saharan Africa CYSTINET – Africa. Schmidt, H. Ngowi, B. Ngowi, S. Mfinanga, C.S. Sikasunge, I.K. Phiri, K.E. Mwape, E. Normahoomed, B. Brügge, C. Prazeres da Costa, A.S. Winkler
  • Taeniosis in Serbia: changing trend over a 35-year period.  Dakić, M. Korać, B. Brmbolić, N. Mitrović, I. Milošević, J. Malinić, A. Marković, S. Jovanović, O. Djurković-Djaković
  • Slaughterhouse surveillance of bovine and porcine cysticercosis in Catalonia (2008-2014) through SESC: the slaughterhouse support network. Vidal, M. Laranjo-González, E. Tolosa, A. Allepuz, A. Marco, L.L. Picart, M. Domingo
  • Taeniosis diagnosed during last 15 years in National Centre for Epidemiology, Budapest, Hungary.  Kucsera, J. Danka, E. Orosz
  • Molecular identification of zoonotic tissue-invasive tapeworm larvae other than Taenia solium in suspected human cysticercosis cases. Tappe, J. Berkholz, U. Mahlke, H. Lobeck, T. Nagel, A. Haeupler, B. Muntau, P. Racz, S. Poppert
  • Outbreak of bovine cysticercosis on a cattle farm in Slovenia in 2015 – a case report. Vergles-Rataj, B. Krt, J. Starič, J. Ježek, P. Dorny, S. Gabriël, B. Šoba
  • Cysticercosis at the slaughterhouses of the Braničevo district, Serbia.  Živojinović, S. Stokić Nikolić, D. Rogožarski, M. Lazić, I. Dobrosavljević, G. Rajković, S. Paunović


20:00 Conference dinner: Skadarlija (downtown Bohemian district)


03 November 2015

08:30: Session 4: NCC MANAGEMENT (WG2)

WG2 presentation-NCC/T, case management: A. Winkler

Invited speaker: C. Coyle, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

09:45-10:25 Abstract presentations

  • 09:45   Characterizing human cysticercosis in Portugal 2006-2013. Vilhena , A.G. Fonseca, J.R. Marques da Silva, S.S. Dias, J. Torgal
  • 10:00   Treatment of neurocysticercosis in Serbia. Dulović
  • 10:15   Human cysticercosis in Serbia – a 25 year national study. Bobić, Z. Dakić, I. Klun, A. Nikolić, O. Dulović, V. Turkulov, O. Djurković-Djaković

10:25-10:40     Coffee break

10:40-11:10     Abstract presentations

  • 10:40   Cognitive impairment and quality of life of people with epilepsy and neurocysticercosis in Zambia. L. Nau , K.E. Mwape, J. Wiefek, K. Schmidt, E.N. Abatih, P. Dorny, N. Praet, C. Chiluba, H. Schmidt, I.K. Phiri, A.S. Winkler, S. Gabriël, J. Blocher
  • 10:55   Severe seizures in pigs naturally infected with Taenia solium. Trevisan, E.M. Mkupasi, H. Ngowi, B. Forkman, M. Vang Johansen

11:10-12:00: Round table discussion with all invited speakers, WG leaders, chair & vice

12:00-13:00: Lunch: Ground floor restaurant

13:00–19:00: Farm visit


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