The aim of the Action is to build a strong, extensive, multi-disciplinary scientific network to induce sustainable collaborations with the aim to advance knowledge and understanding of the taeniosis/cysticercosis zoonotic disease complexes. Intra European collaboration is essential to stop its development and spread within the European Union.


The aim of the Action will be achieved via scientific and network objectives:

  • Sustainable scientific collaborations induced by the Network have the aim to:
    • Develop innovative diagnostic tools via technology and knowledge exchange
    • Assess the disease burdens and economic impact using innovative modelling tools
    • Optimise and evaluate control/prevention tools
    • Optimise and harmonise reporting/surveillance systems and patient management schemes
    • Create exchange/training opportunities for young researchers
  • The network will also aim to:
    • Improve the communication/collaboration between the different sectors (Medical, Veterinary, Social, Water and Sanitation…)
    • Provide information/ recommendations to public authorities
    • Advocate with stakeholders and funding agencies within and outside European Union
    • Provide support to other Cysticercosis Working groups in endemic areas.